If you’ve been affected by someone else’s drinking, you have found the right place.

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Let's Talk about Safety in Al-Anon Meetings!

Let's Talk about Safety in Al-Anon Meetings!

When members feel safe and are safe at meetings, the unity of our groups (Tradition One) is maintained.

Al‑Anon groups are spiritual entities; they are made up of families and friends of alcoholics who gather and share their experience, strength and hope to solve their common problems. Yet, we are not immune to the difficulties that affect the rest of humanity.

Al‑Anon is a microcosm of the larger society within which we exist. Problems found in the outside world can also make their way into the rooms of Al‑Anon. As we strive to share in a spirit of trust, both at meetings and individually with our Personal and Service Sponsors and other Al‑Anon members, it is reasonable for each member to expect a meaningful level of safety. Those attending Al‑Anon meetings benefit other members and themselves when they provide a safe environment in which families and friends of alcoholics can focus on gaining and maintaining serenity. The group can then fulfill its primary purpose—to help families and friends of alcoholics. For this reason, groups and members discuss the topic of safety.

Safety is an important issue within Al‑Anon—one that all can address. Open discussion on the topic can aid groups in developing workable solutions to safety issues—solutions that are based on the fundamental principles of our fellowship and that will help keep our meetings safe. This following document applies only to Al‑Anon meetings, groups and members: